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Daily Dose of Sunshine: Day 3, The Invincible Summer

Be like the sun, my bright-and-beautiful readers! Be warm, unflinching, immovable, irreplaceable! Be that bright burst of energy that gives life to the lifeless! Even beneath the heavy dark clouds, be the sunshine transforming the silver lining! Even in the downpour, be the bright, colorful and glorious rainbow! In the shivering-teeth-chattering-numb-fingers-and-frosty-toes, be the fireplace reminiscing…

Wonder, Ponder, but Thunder through your Life

Mondays are for the fear of what’s to come, Tuesdays are for the wear of the beginnings, Wednesdays are for the anticipation of one half left, Thursdays are for the secret tiny endings, Fridays are for the expectations of what’s going to be, Saturdays are for the feeling of feeling oh-so-free. Sundays are for the…

Happiness: Hidden in the Little Things

Happiness is when your spouse calls you to tell you he loves you;
Happiness is when your baby puts on her first shoe;
Happiness is watching your dog wait for you everyday by the door;
Happiness is in simplicity and acceptance, not just wanting more.

My Mamma Used to Say

Good morning to all my waiting-for-friday-nights readers! Yes, we’re almost there! To bring a little bit of love in to your Thursday morning, here’s a short poem on things our beautiful mothers tell us about the world. My mamma used to say, “You’re meant for great things, my child”. Every single time, Held my hand,…