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Daily Dose of Sunshine, Day 6: Rest, But Don’t Quit

We often let our work, home, families, dreams, aspirations, responsibilities get the better of us. We let ourselves believe that the only way to success is to be absolutely exhausted and burnt out. I think that’s going to get us nowhere. Of course, we can only achieve our goals and dreams and fulfill our responsibilities by working diligently, but we must also learn to rest and breathe once a while.
Inhale, exhale.
Inhale, exhale.
Consciously focus on just breathing sometimes. Only for a minute or two a day. And in that moment, think of nothing else.
And when all else fails and your path looks bleak, read a book, take a nap, wake up next morning and find the will within yourself to start over.

Daily Dose of Sunshine: Day 3, The Invincible Summer

Be like the sun, my bright-and-beautiful readers! Be warm, unflinching, immovable, irreplaceable! Be that bright burst of energy that gives life to the lifeless! Even beneath the heavy dark clouds, be the sunshine transforming the silver lining! Even in the downpour, be the bright, colorful and glorious rainbow! In the shivering-teeth-chattering-numb-fingers-and-frosty-toes, be the fireplace reminiscing…