Daily Dose of Sunshine, V2.0: Day 4, Take A Chance

TAKE THAT CHANCE by Stardust and Sunlight

“If there is even a slight chance at happiness, take that chance. 

Life is too short, 

And happiness too rare.”

I like to believe that life has been designed to be full of opportunities and doors waiting to be opened. Doors that hold something unexpected behind them; sometimes unexpectedly good, and at others, unexpectedly, not so good.

Over the years, if luck has it, we might get dealt more “not so good” cards, and we might become afraid to go near any more opportunities; afraid and terrified of not liking what we get.

But, instinctually, deep down, we know the opportunities which hold an inkling of a promise; a promise of happiness. We know the stakes are high, and something might have to be risked to achieve that happiness.

And that risk terrifies us. 

We convince ourselves that what we have is enough, and we don’t want anymore if it involves a “risk” of any kind.

But, life is really too short, and happiness is really too rare. 

So, if you come across a door, that indicates even the slightest chance of finding happiness, take that chance.

Take the risk, and open that door. 

At the end of the day, what’s the worst that can happen, right?

Lots of love,


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