Daily Dose of Sunshine, V2.0: Day 2, Upbringing


Life is just one endless loop of expectations and disappointments; so much so, that the hope within us never gives up on its expectations, despite the number of times they aren’t met.

Recently, I have come to understand something very fundamental to finding internal happiness; you have to remember that not everyone has been brought up the same way as you have. Not everyone shares your values, or your beliefs, or your faith. Every individual is a sum of all his/her life experiences and their inherited values and belief systems. These are almost always very different from your own.

They may not love the way you do, or hurt the way you do.

The moment you realise that others don’t share your belief systems, you stop expecting them to understand or empathise with you. And with the end of those expectations, you see an end of your disappointments.

Its pretty simple really- people cannot fulfil what you want from them, because most probably, they can’t even understand you, your feelings, or your expectations.

So go ahead, allow people a little leeway, and start to feel happy with the life and love around you.

Lots of love,


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