Daily Dose of Sunshine, V 2.0: Day 1, Bringing the Sunshine Back

Daily Dose of Sunshine by Stardust and Sunlight

The last few months have gone by in a blur, and honestly, I have missed writing and connecting with all my great readers! Even in the absence of new blogs, you all have been reading, liking, following, and patiently waiting! For that, I am so grateful! Thank you!

With this gratitude, I bring to you, Daily Dose of Sunshine, Version 2.0! A whole new series of posts to keep you motivated, inspired, and ready to face the curveballs life throws at you.

There will also be book reviews, listicles, and a tad bit of nostalgia from some of my previous posts.

Stay tuned for some sunny, shiny stories!

Lots of love,



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