Daily Dose of Sunshine, Day 63: Who You Used To Be

Day 63- Who You Used To Be.jpg

I’m sure, or I at least hope there are many others like me who over-think, over-obsess, and over-analyse. We assess situations and feelings to their minutest details, and find ourselves lost in the abyss of a mental chaos.

We keep going back to conversations that have happened, wondering if what we said was the right thing to say, and what we could have said instead. Replaying arguments and discussions, obsessing over what the other person thought of us.

We go back to all our fallacies and all our mistakes, judging ourselves endlessly until we have shredded all of our self-confidence. Because, as I wrote in my last post, Hate is Easy but to love requires strength and courage that we most often deny ourselves.

But you know, all of that, really doesn’t matter all that much. It doesn’t matter because it’s gone and it’s over. What really matters, is what you took away from that, and whether or not, you evolved from those actions and conversations.

What truly matters, is who you have become today, instead of who you were yesterday.

And as long as you are a better person than you were yesterday, you are okay 🙂

Lots of love,


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