Daily Dose of Sunshine, Day 54: Look How Far You’ve Come

Day 54- Think back to a year ago..jpg

9 days out of 10, we are so caught up checking off our To-Do-Lists, that we forget to acknowledge just how far we have come.

We have all got our own challenges to overcome, day after day, week after week, and we consume all of our energy just making sure that the challenge doesn’t defeat us. Of course, we fall and we falter, but almost every single time, we rise up after that. Stronger, smarter, better.

And in the process of ‘one step at a time’, we climb entire mountains.

So today, look back, and look at the mountain you have climbed, and pat yourself on the back.

And then, prepare yourself to keep walking, keep moving, and keep climbing mountains.

Lots of love,



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