Daily Dose of Sunshine, Day 52: Roses in December

day 52- roses in december

“God gave us memory, so that we might have roses in December.”

While I was studying for my exams yesterday, I came across this poignant quote by James M Barrie, and somewhere, it left me hopeful.

We live our lives facing broken friendships and empty relationships that end without closure. We meet people who can tactfully take advantage of people for their own personal gain. We love people who leave us broken, empty, hopeless.

We wake up in the mornings to read newspapers full of stories of loss, betrayal, theft, deaths, rapes and pretty much everything awful. We go to bed at night watching news and debates about the same exact issues. Everywhere around us, the conversations discuss the same pathetic nature of our society. And amidst all of this, we begin to become hopeless and complacent.

But, in times such as these, it is important that we hold on to those pieces of us which are full of bright, red, fragrant roses. Full of love and hope and sunshine.

Reminisce about the old times, and bring back the sunshine.

Lots of love,



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