Daily Dose of Sunshine, Day 38: Silence, Calmness, Kindness.


Do not mistake my silence for ignorance.

Do not mistake my calmness for acceptance.

Do not mistake my kindness for my weakness.

We live in a world that takes us for granted. Takes our love for granted; takes our respect for granted; takes our silence for granted; takes our patience for granted; and even takes our selfless gestures of kindness for granted.

In a world like that, you begin to question the purity of your soul and the love and honesty of your actions. You begin to feel that maybe, just maybe, you should give up on these people and become shallow, unkind, selfish, indifferent. Only so you stop feeling hurt.

But as hard as it may be, hold on to your silence and your kindness. Those are the things that may you who you are and set you apart.

Lots of love,



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