Daily Dose of Sunshine, Day 31: The Little Things That Make Life Big

Every time I travel, I realise the value of the small, little things in our life that we take for granted. The smell of good food, the splash of the water from a fountain, the feeling of holding someone’s hand and exploring a new place, the warmth of the hug from someone you haven’t met in a long time, cute little coffee shops, remembering where places are even though you’re a tourist, the joy of buying gifts and the happiness when they are received well, phone calls from friends expressing how much you’re being missed, boarding a plane to go home..

It’s just all there, right there in front of our eyes, but we take it all for granted because we are so focused on the big and the bigger things. Sometimes, we need to stop and just take in all the little blessings of life surrounding us everyday.

Happiness, is usually always hidden in the little things of life. https://stardustandsunlight.com/2017/12/09/happiness-hidden-in-the-little-things/

Lots of love,



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    • P

      It is indeed! Atleast, that’s what I’ve come to understand of life 🙂 It’s always the little things that bring us the greatest joy, provided that we have our eyes and hearts open to those little things.


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