Daily Dose of Sunshine, Day 29: Karma

If you’ve been following my blog recently, you may have observed that a lot of it addresses the angst, the darkness, the pain that people experience in their relationships with the people around them.

But today is different.

Today’s post is for all of those people, who have felt that they were the light, but were plunged into the darkness. Who felt that they were the love, but were pushed head first into the loss. Who felt that they were right and giving, but were wronged by those they trusted.

Today, well, today is for the betrayed.

So, to all of you wronged people out there, I hope this post today gives you the courage to walk away. Walk away, because you can do no more than you have already. Walk away, because you should be done by now. Walk away, because there isn’t anything left for you to do or have now.

Walk away, because now, karma is going to take over for you.

And if you’re lucky, really really lucky, you’ll get to watch.

Lots of love,


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