Daily Dose of Happiness, Day 26: Life Maybe Tough, But So Are You!

Of course life is tough! It’s meant to be! It wouldn’t be half as much fun, had it been a long, unobstructed smooth haul. We would all be bored without the challenges, the hurdles, the limits, the failures, the disappointments or the losses. And consequently, the achievements, the growth, the victories and the gains would all become insignificant.

But we all know that, right? We grew up hearing idioms about how you can’t relish the sweet without the sour, and yet, when we are faced with challenges, we settle in with our shock and label ourselves ‘victims’.


Why do we become these helpless victims to situations?

Why do we hand over our power, strength and determination to an unforeseen circumstance?


Well, my best guess is because it looks too damn hard. And our fear begins to overpower our strength.

Don’t let it!

Yes, sure, life is tough, but so are you!

I firmly believe that we aren’t made of substance so fragile, and we won’t break or fall apart at the slightest push. Believe! You’ve survived 100% of all your bad days, and here you stand, scarred, sure, but stronger than ever. And still, you give up.

Push yourself to look life in the eye, and face it with every last ounce of grit and grind left in you. Till the last breath.

Lots of love,


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