Daily Dose of Sunshine, Day 21: Color Your Life

Be the pop of color, in a black and white world..jpg

In a world full of darkness and doubt, be that bold, bright, burst of color that the world needs.

Be the brave red, standing out for its confidence, full of love, passion, and power. Be the earthly brown, imbibing the warmth of the soil and the roots of your belonging. Be that royal gold, full of a promise of prosperity. Be the green, blessing the world with your fertility and feeding it with freshness. Be the passionate pink, unabashedly feminine, smelling of fresh roses. Be that bold blue, balancing masculinity with peace and love. Be the yellow and the orange, radiating sunshine and courage, filling your life with immeasurable energy. And sometimes, be the black and the white too, the yin and the yang, harmonizing energies of goodness and mystery.

Your life is just like a blank canvas; make sure you fill it with all the beautiful colors of life.

Lots of love,


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