Daily Dose of Sunshine, Day 20: Be Wild, Difficult to Find & Impossible to Forget

_I will not be another flower,picked for my beauty & left to die.I will be wild,difficult to find,and impossible to forget._.jpg

Don’t you dare wake up to believe that you are ordinary, just another person. You aren’t ordinary. You are exquisite, one of a kind, and extraordinary.

Wake up each morning, and reaffirm yourself that you are not limited to being appreciated only for your beauty, and then left there in a vase, waiting to be seen and then to die.

Believe, firmly, unabashedly, that you are wild and only those truly in search of magic can find you. Be unforgettable. Be irreplaceable. Be the best damn version of yourself.

Because up until then, you are just an ordinary flower in a large bouquet. Unnoticed. Unloved. Ordinary.

Lots of love,


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