Daily Dose of Sunshine, Day 14: Fall Before You Fly

Sometimes, darling,You've got to fall,Before youfly..jpg

You’ll be scared,

Scared to fly;

You’ll wonder if you’ll fall,

Or whether today, you’ll fly.

Just today,

Let yourself go.

Let hope replace fear,

For how else will you know?

Take the leap of faith,

Don’t be afraid of falling.

Fall if you must today,

But if you fly,

Look, your dreams are calling.

In your journey of achieving unparalleled heights of success and happiness, be relentless, be fearless, be doubtless and be dauntless. Don’t let the fear of falling keep you away from the pleasure of flying. For only those of fall and break, can truly fly and make.

Be stouthearted in your pursuit of happiness and success!

Lots of love,



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