Daily Dose of Sunshine, Day 10: Fear of Pain is Greater than the Pain Itself

_Fear, is more powerful than the pain._-Veronica Roth.jpg

(I would like to sincerely apologize for the delay in my daily posts! I had to get an unscheduled wisdom tooth surgery done, and I did not get a chance to schedule these posts. Sorrrrry!)

Good morning to all my TGIF readers!!

Today’s Daily Dose of Sunshine post is dedicated to the maddening pain arising from my last two wisdom teeth (I had the other two extracted in October, 2017). It’s a mind-numbing pain throbbing in my whole head, and I just wish I could find the courage to get them finally extracted. Even though I have had one surgery done before, I’m really anxious to get on that chair and let someone drill through my gums. *Shivers*

But I know for sure, that we fear the pain more than the pain itself, and once it passes, we realize that we had built up the pain to a demonic degree in our minds.

So, in an attempt to motivate myself, here’s to hoping that our courage can triumph over the fear of pain.

Lots of love,


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