Daily Dose of Sunshine, Day 8: Love Yourself First

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Good morning to all my wondering-where’s-my-valentine-and-where-are-my-gifts-and-roses readers!

Today, on Valentine’s Day, I want to wish an abundance of love to every single one of you! You are immensely loved, and loved unconditionally– by your parents, your partners, your children and your friends.

But before you fall in love with anyone else, take a moment and tell yourself, ‘I love myself’. Love yourself first today. Shower yourself with self-care, self-love, and gratitude. Tell yourself and believe, with conviction, that your self-love comes above your love for everyone else.

You may think that loving yourself is selfish, but it’s not. Always remember, that you cannot water from an empty glass; so fill yourself up to the brim and overflow with self-love. Because you can only give and receive love from others, when you have enough love for yourself.

And the moment you truly believe, is when your life will begin to change.

Lots of love,


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