Daily Dose of Sunshine, Day 4: Take a Chance

Take a chance..jpg


On Day 4 of my Sunshine Initiative, let’s push ourselves to take new chances.

Especially those chances which we are terrified of taking; those risks that we wouldn’t dream of taking, because we think there is too much to lose. Those chances that could possibly change our entire lives.

So take that chance, for you never know what might happen!

Ask that girl/guy out on a date. Say yes to that new job offer. Quit the job that’s driven your crazy. Get married. Have a baby! Go on a diet. Have a cheat day and eat that entire cake. Take evening college classes. Move to a new country and start a new career. Travel to the other side of the world.

Do whatever it is that you dream of doing, but you think that ‘life gets in the way’ of all your adventures.

Take that chance, just once.

Have a great weekend, readers! Keep reading, keep liking, keep sharing!

Lots of love,


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