Daily Dose of Sunshine: Day 3, The Invincible Summer

_In the depth ofwinter, I found within me,there lay an invinciblesummer._-Albert Camus

Be like the sun, my bright-and-beautiful readers!

Be warm, unflinching, immovable, irreplaceable!

Be that bright burst of energy that gives life to the lifeless!

Even beneath the heavy dark clouds, be the sunshine transforming the silver lining!

Even in the downpour, be the bright, colorful and glorious rainbow!

In the shivering-teeth-chattering-numb-fingers-and-frosty-toes, be the fireplace reminiscing of the summer knocking on your door.

Be the orange leaves of the fall, spreading joy in all souls learning to let go.

Be the rising and the setting sun, lightening new horizons everyday.

Be you, for you are life.

Lots of love,


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