Wonder, Ponder, but Thunder through your Life

The Tragedy of Life

Mondays are for the fear of what’s to come,

Tuesdays are for the wear of the beginnings,

Wednesdays are for the anticipation of one half left,

Thursdays are for the secret tiny endings,

Fridays are for the expectations of what’s going to be,

Saturdays are for the feeling of feeling oh-so-free.

Sundays are for the weak that was,

Sundays are for the weak that still will be.

We go through the motions of our life, one long, hard day at a time, wondering where all of that life went. We wonder when we’re 50, why we didn’t do all those things we had wanted to do while we were young. We wonder when we’re 30, why we didn’t marry that girl who loved like crazy and didn’t launch that company while we could. We wonder when we’re 25, where all those blissful college days vanished. We wonder when we’re 15, why we didn’t study for that one extra mark. We wonder when we’re 10, why we didn’t play for that extra hour.

We wonder, and wonder.

We regret, and we ponder.

We wish it had been better,

Thinking of that unwritten love letter.

We find bliss in ignorance and exhaustion, pretending that we are in control of our lives. We like to believe that we are doing exactly what we had planned to do- because yes, you had spent your entire youth dreaming of sitting in one cubicle, waiting for an appraisal, all the while paying bills, wondering where all your savings went.

I can’t give you a solution,

Except to live every today.

Pray a little, sway a little,

Just give your dreams a little way.

Don’t let your fear and fatigue stop you from doing all that you want to do, because let’s face it, this is all the life you’ve got to live. You better make it worth living.

Don’t just wonder and ponder through your life,

Be a warrior,

Be a dreamer,

Be a believer,


Thunder through your life.


You can also read my older post on all the small things that can bring us so much happiness and joy, if only we choose to be happy. https://stardustandsunlight.com/2017/12/09/happiness-hidden-in-the-little-things/

Lots of love,









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