Fear: A Murderer in Disguise

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Good morning to my strong, beautiful and inspiring readers!

I have been engulfed in thoughts this entire week; thoughts on living life, thoughts on ambition, thoughts on contentment, thoughts on people’s lack of empathy, and more consciously than ever before, thoughts on gratitude and positivity. Amidst all these thoughts, one thing has stood out for me, and that is fear.

I have come across innumerable people expressing their crippling fear of water, heights, darkness, spiders, lizards, airplanes, fire and every other possible fear-inducing experience or thing around them. When I tell my family I want to jump off a plane to skydive, they look at me, worry, and possibly think I’m a lunatic. They ask me if I’m scared, and without hesitation, I say no. Because no, I’m not afraid.

I do not fear what I can see. I’m not scared of heights or spiders or turbulence.

I am not scared of tall and fast roller coaster rides.

I am not scared of seeing a lizard or a rat, or possibly even a snake.

But I am afraid.

For I fear loss.

I fear regrets.

I fear the darkness in my heart and my mind.

I fear my nightmares, because they vividly play me my scariest worries.

I’m not scared of things outside of me; I am only scared of the feelings inside me. Feelings and fears that leave me breathless. Fears that wake me up from the middle of my sleep, rattled at the images of loss. Fear of the judgment people so carelessly project towards each other. Fear of hate. Fear of the lack of compassion and empathy. Fear of loneliness.

I recently came across this picture, and it makes perfect sense to me. As human beings, we aren’t really afraid of things; we are actually afraid of how those things make us feel.


Perhaps this the psychologist in me talking, but I have realized that fear leads us absolutely nowhere. It leaves us anxious, paralyzed and crippled, at the exact same place as we started. Fear is nothing but a shadow lurking in the dark corners of your psyche, waiting to catch you off-guard. Don’t let it.

It’s going to kill your dreams.

It’s going to kill your ambition.

It’s going to kill your courage.

Don’t let it.

Lots of love,


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