Home Baking: My First Attempt at Banoffee Pie

Pritika's Banoffee Pie

Good morning to all you hungry-skipped-my-breakfast-because-as-usual-I-was-running-late readers!!

Well, if you really did skip your breakfast (like I did), and you really are hungry (like I am), then you’re probably not going to like what’s coming your way today!

So, a couple of years ago, I discovered how much I loved to bake. When I was in Boston, I used to buy those ready-to-bake mixes for cookies and cakes, and just feel HAPPY. There was something about the whole process of whisking, mixing, layering, piping and baking that took away a lot of my anxiety and stress. While I would bake, I would never think about the hundred things that had been bothering me all day.

Almost 4 years later, its still the same. I bake when I need to distress, I bake when I’m happy, I bake when I want to distance myself from the world and just be, me. I’ve realized over the years how therapeutic, personal and emotional this whole process is. And I love it!!

I love the smell of the sugar in the air; I love the fragrance of the cake in the oven, which envelops my whole home; I love how even my neighbors can tell when I’ve made my cinnamon rolls or my banana loaf. I love it when the cream whisks and starts to grow and grow, until it’s a swirly, shiny, mess in a bowl. I love making it all look pretty and decadent, and I love the attention it all requires. Most of all, I love allthe different pans, spatulas, whiskers and mixers, the fillers and the cutesy liners.

Before I continue to make this post a rant on why baking is pure happiness, you can go and read my older post on how Baking Makes Everything Better at https://stardustandsunlight.com/2017/10/05/baking-makes-everything-better/

So, on one of these days where I was itching to try out a new, challenging dessert, I came across Banoffee Pie! Even though I’m not very fond of eating desserts, there is some sort of comfort that comes from the gooey, caramelly, yummy bananas in a pie. This is what my pie finally looked like!!

So here are some pictures and instructions from my first attempt at a bannoffee pie.

First, use a fluted pie pan, and set it with your digestive biscuit base.

Pritika's Banoffe Pie

Blind bake it for a few minutes, and once its done and slightly cool, layer it with small, diced soft bananas.

Pritika's Banoffee Pie

Then, layer it with the dulce-de-leche sauce you spent hours and hours making! (Slowly baking/cooking condensed milk for over 2 hours!!!!)

Pritika's Banoffee Pie

One you have the yummy caremelly sauce, top it up with some toasted chopped walnuts!

Pritika's Banoffee Pie

And finally, when everything has cooled down, whip your whipped cream till its nice and fluffy, and pipe pretty florettes on your pie!

Pritika's Banoffee Pie

Don’t forget to add more bananas to top your pie, and sprinkle some cinnamon powder and icing sugar on your masterpiece!!

And of course, never ever forget to sit back, relax, and enjoy your hard-earned home made dessert!!

So this was my banoffee pie!! If you want more detailed instructions, please send me an email and I’ll share my recipe with you 🙂

Hope you all enjoyed this post!!

Lots of love,


p.s. All images in this post are my originals and copyrighted.

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