Happiness: Hidden in the Little Things

Good morning to all my fresh-moisturized-glowing-Saturday-morning-face readers!

The weekend has begun, and so has the anticipation for the holidays! Christmas and New Years are just around the corner, and the year is about to end in just 21 days!

In an attempt to bring some merry-and-joy to my blog, today’s post is about what makes you happy!

Happiness is such a simple thing, and yet we make it so complex and existential. It’s as simple as the smile on a baby’s face! Happiness does not always find itself in the big, grand schemes of life; it is almost always in the little things, where we discover happiness so serendipitously!

Whether it the earthy smell of the rain, or the fragrance of that blushing rose;

It may come from watching a movie, or reading a poignant prose!

You may find it in a mug of hot chocolate, or your early morning brew of coffee;

It may come from baking a gourmet dessert, or sometimes even from a little toffee!

What we forget in the rut of our routines is that nature and its beauty is all around us. It’s in my mother’s warm embrace, and in the frost of the winter mornings. It’s in the glorious sunny summers, and in the bikinis on the beach. Everywhere you look, you can always find something that will make you smile. It’s just that we have all stopped looking.

It’s the surprise of finding extra money in your old jeans’ pocket;

It’s in the OCD-inspired colorfully organized stationary docket;

You will find it at the movies in the tub of your caramel or salty popcorn,

It’s in flying to a new country, high up in the clouds, airborne.

Why do we forget to look? Why are we so content in our average life, simply making peace for the lack of misery?

Happiness is when your spouse calls you to tell you he loves you;

Happiness is when your baby puts on her first shoe;

Happiness is watching your dog wait for you everyday by the door;

Happiness is in simplicity and acceptance, not just wanting more.

Even in the pits of depression, there are always people who love you and want to see you get better. Whether it’s our parents, our friends, our spouses, or our pets, they offer us their unconditional love and comfort, and yet, we deny their support.

It’s in the extra dollars saved in the Holiday season sales;

Even in the beauty of the intricate, gorgeous white wedding veils.

It’s in my daddy’s bellowing laughter and in my mother’s secret giggles;

It’s in the uncontainable joy of jumping around, and even in a baby’s first written squiggles.

You’ll find it in the pride of making food for yourself;

It hides in the old, rusty smell in the library bookshelf.

It’s in the fresh and impeccable new manicured nails,

And for some, it’s in not the big things, but the small little details.

As the final resolution and inspiration for 2017, lets all strive to look for the little things around us, which make us happy and make us smile.

Share your love and your comments and tell us all what makes you happy!

Lots of love (and happiness, always),





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