The Endless, Sleepless Nights

Good evening/night/morning to all my fellow sleepless-and-restless readers!

I am unsure as to whether one should greet people as Good Evening/ Good Night/ Good Morning at 2:30am; is it really morning if I haven’t even slept yet?

So, before I begin to write this spontaneous blog post, the official disclaimer is as follows: I used to be a major insomniac a couple of years ago. Throughout school, university and post grad, I would never be able to sleep at night, and would end up sleeping through the mornings. However now thankfully, the structure and strictness of my routine demands and forces me to sleep on time to wake up and function in the morning.

But there are always nights like tonight… where sleep completely escapes me. And I find myself writing directly on my blog, instead of first writing, editing, redrafting on Word and then posting it on the blog. So if this post makes zero sense, I sincerely apologise.

You know… I don’t understand why sleep is such a complex thing to master. I know people who can close their eyes at ANY point of the day, and take a ‘Power Nap’. What is a power nap anyway?? How does one finish the entire process of getting to sleep, then sleeping and waking up fresh and good to go- all in an unimaginably short span of 20 minutes?? It takes me ages to put myself to sleep! And perhaps even longer to get myself to wake up!

Then there’s the whole other issue of thinking, over thinking, analysing and obsessing at night before sleeping. The moment I prepare myself to fall sleep, some alarm goes off in my head, where it begins to obsess over EVERY tiny detail of everything. All concerns, worries, fears, lists, tasks, they all find me to irritate only when I’m ready to sleep.

Trust me, the inside of my head is not a pleasant sight to experience before I sleep, especially on nights like tonight.

I’ve read somewhere that the light from phones and laptops aren’t very good for the brain before sleeping, because they hamper with the sleeping clock and make it harder to falling asleep. That works for me on most days, but today isn’t one of those days.

However, before my rant continues and borders on nonsense, I would like to ask you all if any of you find it hard to sleep? Please share your feedback and tell me what works!

Signing off in the anticipation of slumber,

Lots of love,


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