Sick, sick days

Good morning to all my oh-my-god-wondering-how-it-got-this-cold-so-fast readers!

So as the mercury has been rising and falling like a whimsical weather-noob, all of us have only been trying to adjust our bodies. But, its all been in vain. The days we wake up to expect breezy, cool winter mornings, we find ourselves trapped in this dirty, sweaty, frizzy humidity, and when we sleep without our blankets and don’t remember to turn the air-conditioning off, we are woken up with freezing cold winds seeping through our windows. And these two days don’t really happen to be spread out across seasons; they are two consecutive days.

If you are wondering why I may have developed this new found interest in weather and its many mood swings, well, its only because I’m too sick to function at the moment. And evidently, cannot really think of creative, new ideas to publish. However, I will pat myself on the back for atleast trying.

While my thermometer readings rise, noses run, throats feel parched and on fire, I hope you will be patient with me to come back and write better blogs for all you wonderful people! I’m currently playing with the ideas of doing book reviews and recipe blogs, so fingers crossed!

So stay warm, stay happy, stay beautiful, just the way you’re meant to be!

Until then,

Lots of love,





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