My Mamma Used to Say

Good morning to all my waiting-for-friday-nights readers!

Yes, we’re almost there! To bring a little bit of love in to your Thursday morning, here’s a short poem on things our beautiful mothers tell us about the world.

My mamma used to say,

“You’re meant for great things, my child”.

Every single time,

Held my hand, but she let me run wild.


My mamma used to say,

“You’re going to touch the stars one day”.

I would look up in wonderment,

Believing every word she would say.


My mamma used to say,

“Never stop believing in your magic”.

But as I grew older,

I found no magic, just things that were painfully tragic.


My mamma used to say,

“Things will come, but they might cost you, baby”.

Now I know that everything has a price,

But you’ve got to keep going, hoping, that one day, maybe.


My mamma used to say,

“Only you will be around to love yourself forever”.

With each passing day, life has only taken,

Emptying pockets of love from me, but giving, never.


My mamma used to say,

“You’re braver than you think, wiser, prettier, stronger”.

With each fall, I look in the mirror,

Hoping her words are true, hoping I’ll last a little longer.


My mamma used to say,

“Keep going, my baby, this too shall pass”.

I think of her and start rebuilding,

I build knowing my home is made of fragile glass.


My mamma used to say,

“No matter what, I will always love you, come what may”.

Mistake after mistake, flaw after flaw, fall after fall,

And even today,

She continues to love me, unconditionally, every single day.

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