Time versus Us: 61 Days to 2018!?

Good morning to all my beautiful-and-ready-but-trying-to-not-fall-asleep readers!

Just when my alarm went off this morning at 7, I realized that we have walked into the eleventh month of 2017! It is the 1st of November!!

But frankly, I’m losing it a little bit with this realization! I mean… it was JUST New Year’s now! Like yesterday??

Amidst my panic, I had to sit myself down and really try and figure out why the thought of this day arriving is making me anxious. And in just a few moments, I realized that the anxiety isn’t really induced by the thought of November, but of how easily time has escaped us. Time has and always will walk past us, unseen, unannounced, unheard.

Time will always defeat us.

We all go through our lives, living in bubbles of comfort, routine and schedules of worries. We wake up each morning, only stressing about the countless number of things that are probably going to add to that stress. We wake up and worry about our spouses, our children, our parents, our homes, our work, our bosses, our employees… the list can go on and on. We worry about everything that we could not finish yesterday, and add more things to do on our colorful sticky notes, hoping to cross them all off and humor the idea of feeling better following that.

But do we really feel better at the end of the day? Are we falling asleep at night without any worry of tomorrow? Do our bubbles of comfort ever pop?

We may pretend to ourselves that they do… but I’m not so sure.

We wait our entire youth to grow old and retire and have free time on our hands to do all the things that we love. For instance, I keep telling my husband that the day he turns 50, we will move out of our home and start traveling the entire world, and return only when we have seen it all. We will buy a small home in Australia and raise a couple of farm animals, have two pet dogs, and just live our remaining lives in each other’s company.

It sounds glorious, and magical, and beautiful.

But who knows if we will even be around till we are 50? I mean, I just turned 26, and I have NO idea how that happened!

Well… amidst all these unstructured musings, all I was really trying to say is, that we need to start living. We need to start living our lives content and happy. And I wish I knew how to do that, so I could share that wisdom with you all too… but unfortunately, I haven’t cracked that one yet. I don’t know how to not plan. I don’t know how to just do. Even though I would love to, I can’t walk out of my life and just live, because I don’t think I know how to do that.

But I hope that the next 61 remaining days of 2017 will enlighten me with answers to the questions 2017 has gifted me with.

Clichéd as it may sound, in our race against time, time will always defeat us… so smile, appreciate, live, love and laugh.

Lots of love,


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