Dark Places

Good morning to all my sombre-broken-or-lost readers.

There are things I do not understand,

Words, which I cannot speak.

I would not have told you the true story,

But lies, my friends, are simply weak.

The truth is always ugly and bleak,

It hurts and it breaks.

It may rid us of our guilt and lies,

But in return, our peace and love it takes.

The place we live in,

Is made up of dark, dark places.

Where the world is made up of two halves;

The fake and honest, but unhappy dark faces.

We stab, we shoot, we kill,

We call ourselves just and fair.

In the victory, we are left empty still,

Running, hiding, gasping for air.

I want to know why we hurt like this,

I want to know we hate,

I want to know where love begins and when it ends,

I want to know if this is it, if this is fate.

Should we not fight the darkness,

Should we not dress our scars,

Should we not learn to be happy,

Should we always curse our stars?

In these dark, dark places,

We find ourselves isolated and lonely,

In the dark, dark places,

Its just you, only you, the one and only.

My questions will never be answered,

For we are all filled with guilt and shame.

The dark, dark places,

Will forever be built on the flames of blame.

Someday, however, I hope we find solace.

Someday, I hope we can love once again.

Someday, I pray the darkness goes away,

Someday, I pray we can breathe without the pain.

These dark, dark places,

Have haunted me with the echoes of the unspoken.

I feel unloved, unwanted,

Nothing but heartbroken.

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