11 Reasons why Books are Better than People

Good morning to my Thank-God-Its-Friday readers!

While most of you will be going out tonight to unwind and let go of the week that just went by, I will be very happily snuggling in my bed, under the covers, reading a new book. Not only because I work on Saturdays too, but because books are SO much better company than a lot of people 😛

So today’s post is all about why I love my books so much, and why books should be people’s best friends (other than dogs, because “dogs are life”- as my sister in law would put it).

  1. Unlike most people, books are therapeutic and the best kinds of stress busters. When I have had a long, hard day, all I need at the end of that day is a hot cup of green tea and a fresh new book to read. There is absolutely nothing better to relax and read, and let yourself be absorbed by the world inside that book. You can forget about the whole world when you read.
  2. Reading books makes you smarter than a lot of people. When you start to read, you realize you are looking at things so differently than you used to. You come across and develop new ideas and beliefs, and feel mentally stimulated than most non-readers do. 
  3. Unlike with people, you don’t need to make small talk with books.Books don’t ask or expect you to make small talk or any type of conversation with them! You can be yourself, do your thing, and no one cares! 
  4. Reading books lets you live a new character and a new life with each new book.That is beauty of fiction. When you reach halfway through a book, you realize that you can imagine yourself being the protagonist and living that life with all the other characters. You feel the ache when your character grieves, and you celebrate with their success. Besides, I cannot count the number of times I have walked in the corridors of Hogwarts! 
  5. You develop an open-minded, warm heart that helps you be more empathetic towards the world.When you are a reader, you have seen the suffering of people within those stories. You have also seen how the world can help you find strength and support in tough times. You have seen the journey of a character from an unloved, miserable boy to the Chosen One, and you know the challenges that came throughout the journey.

    These vicariously lived stories make you a better human being, willing you give love to the world.  

  6. Books are the best kind of mental exercise  Undoubtedly so. Books improve your vocabulary, your memory, your reading and comprehension skills. They compel you to think and to feel, and they stimulate not only your IQ, but also your EQ. Just like how you go to the gym to be fitter physically, you need to read, and read a lot, to become fit mentally. 
  7. You can always spot a reader from a group of non-readers, and you know you will connect with them easilyYou know you are going to go crazy with references with these fellow readers. Amongst all the members of your friend circle, you know you will always be crazy with the ones who read.

    You will jump around in excitement when the next book of a trilogy comes out, or when you have something to tell your reader-friend.

    More often than not, the non-readers are always going to be envious of your comfort and closeness with the readers. 

  8. Unlike people, books don’t judge you.Books let you be. In fact, books make you a better person. People, well… not so much.

  9. You can take your books with you on all your holidays and vacations.Is a holiday/get-away/vacation ever complete without you carrying at least 2 new novels with you? You even get a lot of grief from your spouse who gets no attention because you just cannot put that book down. 
  10. The most clichéd, yet accurate reason: the smell and the physical feel of a book!I’m a book hoarder, and a lot of my friends and family tell me to buy an e-reader and stop buying new physical books. But there is nothing that would make me give away my old books. The smell, the touch and the feel of a physical book are the simple joys of life. They comfort you, they hold your secrets and your fears, they give you reasons to smile, and when you hold a book, you know somehow, that its going to be okay.

  11. You just don’t know when you stop buying more books. It’s a weakness! You can’t walk past a book store without buying a couple of books. Sometimes you even want to buy the same book again because it has been re-released with a beautiful cover! You can never, ever have enough books! I mean… how do you stop yourself??

So essentially, these are a few reasons why people should be traded for books. (Well, not all people. Only some.)

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Read, like and comment below to tell me what you think about books!

Lots of love,



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