My Ode to the Raindrops

Good morning my dear wondering-how-its-mid-October-already readers!

Am I the only one wondering how we are almost halfway through October 2017 already?? I hope not! Because I’m petrified by just how fast this year has gone by! In addition to that, I turn 26 in 2 weeks! When and how has that happened already??

So it’s been pouring in this part of the world since early morning, and it’s not the Oh-how-beautiful-and-romantic-is-this-light-drizzle rain; it’s the OMG-someone-left-the-taps-open-somewhere-and-I-might-drown rains! Whatever these rains may look like, they are one strong force of nature that compel me to write poetry every single time.

Amidst these strange October rains,

I am sitting on my window-sill,

Mesmerized by the sound of rain,

Tapping on my glass windows,

Demanding to be let in.

These raindrops seeking entry into my home and heart make me wonder how easily we as human beings can find happiness; and just as easily can overlook joy and focus on the hate.

They knocked on my door,

I thought they had coming looking for love,

Love, which I cannot give,

But they gazed into my eyes,

And held me captive,

Captive, until I let them in.

We go around the world confronting people about demons, which are our own; we blame others for having what we don’t have. We never realize that happiness does not always come from a big, glossy, fancy car. We can find joy even in the smallest of things, only if we know where in our hearts we need to look.

They finally came inside,

One strange, proud drop at a time,

Drop, by drop, they touched my soul,

And cast a sorcerous spell.

Just when we open our hearts to appreciating what we have, and how far we have come, magic happens. Everything can seem brighter and more beautiful, not because somehow everything has magically transformed; the only thing that has to change is our perspective on life.

Keep your eyes and ears open,

Rain said,

But don’t forget to let me into your heart.

It is in that warmth that I will spread my wings,

Hope said.

I can bewitch you only if you walk towards me,

Happiness said.

Suddenly, when you realize how much difference your perspective makes, you can learn to accept yourself and your life. You can learn to let people go. You can learn to forgive and forget.

When the raindrops touched me,

I finally smiled,

Smiled because I knew now,

They had not come looking for love,

They had come looking for me,

To be loved.

Dance with me today,

Rain said.

Dance and smile,

Because after all, that’s all there is.

So amidst these powerfully beautiful rains, this was my deconstructed Ode to the Raindrops, and I hope you enjoy my attempt! Read, like and leave your comments to tell me what you think of rains

Lots of love,


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