Lunch-time should come with a nap-time!

Good afternoon to all you post-lunch-sleep-induced-and-a-little-bit-bored readers!

So lunch hours have just ended, and obviously it is unbearably hot and humid outside. Unsurprisingly so. However, the silver lining behind the clouds is, that there are actual clouds coming up! I heard some thunder a few minutes back too, so I’m assuming the rain is not very far away. Soon enough, the humidity will subside temporarily, and that beautiful earthy smell after the rain will fill the surroundings. I learnt only recently that there is a word for that smell: petrichor.

Having just finished my meal a few minutes ago, a blanket of sleep seems to be hindering my vision… I’m finding it incredible difficult to keep my eyes open and function. Suddenly, the desk in my cabin does not feel so hard and I can picture it transforming it into a bed. Just draw the curtains, pull out a blanket and close those tired…. exhausted…. sleepy eyes.

While I was encountering this draining sluggishness post my lunch, a very small (albeit active) part of my brain was overwhelmed with a sense of curiosity to know why sleepiness is induced post lunch, making it so difficult to stay awake.

My research tells me that every time we eat a heavier meal, a larger amount of insulin is generated to digest that food. Especially when the meal contains a larger proportion of carbohydrates or fat, the insulin produced is much higher. This insulin production triggers neurotransmitters like serotonin are released in the brain, inducing signs of sleepiness and lethargy. So basically, when you eat a heavier meal, you will feel more sleepy and sluggish because of the carbs and fat in that meal. Well, that’s it.

So Google tells me, that all I need to do to stay awake post lunch is to eat a lighter meal. Hmm… sounds too easy.

While I go take a walk and get a hot cup of coffee for myself, share your post lunch experiences with me in the comments!

Lots of love,




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  1. agshap

    Sounds just about right – although I tend to eat light lunches – but then again going back to work after lunch always makes me sleepy anyway. It might have something to do with the fact that I use to wake up at 5:30 am… that I am retired, I tend to have a big breakfast, making my other meals light – is that why I am sleepy after breakfast???? Some countries have siesta time built into the middle of the day —- I can do that!

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